About the Founder & Editor in Chief


Philicia Montgomery graduated with an M.A. in English and a B.A. in Writing from State University of New York College at Buffalo, Buffalo State College. She was President and Editor in Chief of The Lens: Art, Culture, and Literary Magazine and former poetry and fiction editor of Elm Leaves: A Magazine of the Arts. Montgomery was also a culture reporter on Buffalo State College's student-run newspaper The Record and a former freelance culture photographer for student and faculty events. Her most recent work has appeared in Literary Juice, Vine Leaves Literary Journal, Crab Fat Magazine, Deltona Howl, Elm Leaves: A Magazine of the Arts, and The Nickel City Review. She has been nominated for the 2015 Pushcart Prize in Literature. 

Montgomery created Phree Write Magazine for authors that are often overlooked in the literary world. Though rejection is a part of the submission process, it is easy to become discouraged when a writer is denied time and time again. She wanted to create a magazine where the writing and art was powerful, relatable, and most importantly, made sense to its readers. No superfluous wording in stories or empty pleonasms, just simple stories that are capable of gripping its readers by the shirt and only letting go when at the end of the page. Montgomery created this magazine not to challenge high quality fiction but to broaden its definition. 

About the Executive Editor

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D.E. Crane graduated with a B.A. in Advertising and Marketing Communications from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She has interned for multiple magazines, most notably GQ, Maxim, and Lipton Publicity. She is in the process of starting her own fashion line, Elaine Crane, and plans to open a pop-up shop in Spring 2017 to display her fashion collection. She also interned for Obo Global where she helped organize several fashion shows and fashion night-outs. Crane has an eye for fashion and art and leans toward anything creative. Crane enjoys reading unpredictable stories and prefers writing that is short and powerful. Her favorite book is The Alchemist because of its positive and inspiring message to fight for your heart’s desire regardless of hardship. Crane writes sporadically and mostly enjoys reading and writing suspense stories.