Thirty Fiction

November 2015                                            May 2015



November 2015

Ashlie Allen    |     Scott Russell Duncan


May 2015

Jim Freeze          |         Shivendra Kapoor         |          James Shaffer


Ashlie Allen


When the reservation gets quiet, I panic. I stammer through the prairies, wondering if I'm the only one pulsing. One day, I found a spirit hiding in the dehydrated grass.


Scott Russell Duncan


I, dressed in Metal black, dark like Southeast Asians, crept inside because I knew, like the Viet Cong, that Dad had guns where he slept and didn’t feel safe either.



May 2015

Jim Freeze


The aspect of heaven had blackened, clouds were rolling rapidly from the West over the mountains, and a cold wind was moaning dismally. Darkness it seems has an insatiable hunger.


Shivendra Kapoor


Unable to do anything since birth, my friend fulfilled God’s wish in this lifetime. He stayed alive but in deep pain. Last year God fulfilled his only wish – dignified silence.


James Shaffer


Run! Leaves burning. Autumn smoke. Smells like him. Run! Look behind. He's coming! Run! Faster! Never again. No choice. Jump! Black-out. The machine breathes for me while I dream again. 



The beauty of writing is how much can be said in few words. Thirty fiction is a Phree Write Magazine challenge! Thirty fiction is comprised of thirty words; no more, no less, and has a one word title. The story will be unique in its concept and, like flash fiction, deliver an element of surprise. The thirty words can be simple and straightforward or extravagant and drenched in imagery. The writing style and genre is up to you. We only ask that you deliver a story to us, letting the thirty words challenge you, push you, and create something beautiful.


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