About Our Magazine

Phree Write Magazine features writing that is daring, unique, relatable and, most importantly, understood by its readers. We publish work that is powerful and extraordinary, literature and art that leaves an impression. Though there is much to appreciate in complex language and an immense vocabulary, Phree Write Magazine appreciates the beauty in simplicity. Our definition of "high quality fiction" is fiction that grabs readers by the shirt and doesn't let go. Our mission is to publish work that has substance, creativity, and originality. 

We do not publish only “abstract pieces” or works about racism or spoken word poetry. In this publication, you could quite possibly find a spoken word poem about war next to a flash fiction piece about an empty room. We have no desire to squeeze ourselves or your writing into a box and cast out anyone who does not fit into it. 

We never want to publish anything that will make readers ask the dreaded question “What were they talking about?” A piece can make you think, a piece can surprise you, a piece can have more than one possible meaning where it is left for the reader to decide (we appreciate fiction like that!), but a piece should never make you want to throw your computer off of a building because it made no sense to you. We will not publish work that will make you ponder its existence and wonder why you wasted three minutes of your life to read it. 

This magazine will publish work that is authentic, creative, and engaging. No superfluous wording or empty pleonasms, just simple and beautiful writing. Phree Write Magazine features simplicity at its best. Although we will not accept every submission, we will accept your submission if we feel it has succeeded in relaying its unique and individual message to our readers. We follow a simple concept here: if we as editors are drawn into the world your literature or art creates, then your creation has found a home. 


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The Founder & Editor in Chief:

Philicia Montgomery

Executive Editor:

D. E. Crane

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